Preventive Dental Practice

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a phrase we often hear, and which can be applied to dental diseases as well as other areas of healthcare. There is increasing new evidence to show links between oral health and other health issues, for example gum disease with heart disease, and diabetes.

King Dental and Associates are proud to be a forward thinking team of dental healthcare professionals, committed to providing the very best care and advice for all of our patients.

 All patients as part of their routine dental check-ups will be assessed for their risk for

oral cancer,

tooth decay,

gum disease,

and will have an assessment made of their gums, and periodontal health.

 It is a fact that more adults loose teeth through gum disease than tooth decay. Gum disease is largely preventable, by thorough plaque removal and meticulous oral hygiene, which means using cleaning techniques other than simply ‘scrubbing with a brush and toothpaste’. Reducing or better still quitting smoking is also an extremely important factor is successful treatment of gum disease.

An extremely important part of our preventive dental team, are our three highly trained and knowledgeable Oral Health Care Advisors, who can spend more time with any patient who the clinician feels will benefit from further help and advice, the aims of which are to prevent  Periodontal (Gum) Disease, Tooth Decay. These appointments are available free of charge, and are an imperative part of the Preventive Treatment Plan.