Mission Statement

We aim to deliver excellent clinical care and customer service by treating patients holistically and with respect, in a friendly & empathetic manner as people, not simply as ‘a row of teeth’.

We take an approach of preventive oral care and offer dental interventions only when necessary to improve and maintain good oral health.

One of the strengths of our practice is that we work as a cohesive and effective team. Our team-working ethos is founded on the view that we all have a duty to look after the needs of our colleagues so that we can collectively look after our patients to the best of our ability.

Our 5-point philosophy for providing you with the best dental care:

1. We aim to deliver the highest quality dental care, focused on the needs and solving any problems of each patient. We will try to understand your needs by careful inquiry and by listening to you.

2. Our service is based on mutual respect. Practice rules and policies exist for the good of patients as a whole. We aim to ensure that you never feel that you are ignored or taken for granted.

3. Whilst not everyone looks forward to coming to the dentist we aim to make your time with us a positive experience, from which your oral health and wellbeing will benefit.

4. Patients want value for money and most people understand that there must be a fair price for quality. We will be absolutely transparent about prices and fees for treatments and products. We will not prescribe any treatment or offer any products we do not believe you genuinely need.

5. We will not keep you waiting unless absolutely necessary. We will always provide you enough time to care for you in a relaxed and efficient manner, but not so much time that resources are wasted. If we are running late, as sometimes happens, we will keep you informed to the best of our ability.